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Information. Take a look at the following chart: Between 19 most building permits were for detached homes. . And the rental trend is showing this as well. You have older home owners selling properties in a very low supply market. . Now with just a push of a button anyone can test real transactions and measure the speed. Builders realize that future demand is going to be in the form of renting. The unemployment rate looks healthy, the stock market is still very high even with the recent correction, and people seem to be spending beyond their means once again with credit card debt solidly above 1 trillion. .

Do Not Post Low-Quality Content. So it actually comes as no surprise that those that want to walk in the shoes of the older generations now have to compete for single family homes in a very low supply market. .

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Keep Discussions on Topic. At this point with such low inventory, home buyers have beer goggles when looking at properties and are willing to buy anything just so they can get. . Create post r/CryptoCurrency Rules. Millennials and Generation Y also have an increasing tendency towards renting rather than owning. . Use Suitable Titles and Correct Flairs. Rentals will dominate the future, i know it is hard to believe but rentals will dominate the future of California. . Yet somehow, the homeownership rate remains stagnant. . By using our Services or clicking I agree, you agree to our use of cookies. This was your single family building craze. . The elder Brown said hed like to see his kids move out, but doesnt want to rush them out the door without a career and proper financial footing.

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