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click. Typically, this is done by preparing most of the transaction on the online computer, then transferring it flash drive to the offline computer to be signed. If a single input doesn't have enough to cover the transaction, you'll need to combine multiple inputs. This is almost done - the app is currently peering with bitcoin nodes and will scan the QR code and send it to a broadcasting activity, but the broadcast part and the parsing of the armory format remains. Scan it with phone (so far, QR Droid and Barcode Scanner work). The information needed is the transaction history for the Bitcoin key you want to send money from. Step 8: To choose and use a wallet address go to ". Submit the transaction to the Bitcoin network.

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Go to / and cut and paste your raw transaction into the field and hit (press) submit. Cut and Paste the values into the html form (Should be fairly straight forward) and generate a transaction. An offline Bitcoin transaction is one created with a computer that is not attached to the internet (or any network). I'm working on this right now. Retrieved from " ". Next, step 6: Enter your seed and click, next, step 7: In order to protect your wallet, you may want to add a password. The signature is then copy-pasted from this device into a connected device, and broadcast into the Bitcoin network. Create your transaction on your offline machine. Scan using webcam in offline wallet computer (I successfully did this with the zbar Linux application in Ubuntu - package details binary trading sites to follow).