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are witnessing right now in the. Ethereum (ETH) 00 has also made notable gains spearheading the current cryptocurrency rally. For the week ending on February 16th, LocalBitcoins saw traders exchange more than.5 million, nearly four times the amount exchanged the previous week (8.4 million). Chart 1: Total US Bitcoin Volume Share of Small Exchanges (excludes. ATH USD Trading, volume on LocalBitcoins, data from. CME Group is the world's leading and most diverse derivatives marketplace. Since October, the relative market share of the non-Big Three exchanges began plummeting and has remained low, now averaging only.9 of total daily US bitcoin volume from 10th February to 10th March 2014 (see Chart 2). 2013 Sources: CoinDesk, BitcoinAverage, BitcoinCharts. Each of these exchanges the Big Three accounted for roughly 30 each of total.

bitcoins volume us

Bitcoin Volume provided by CME Group.
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Exchanges such as Bistamp and BTC-e began to rise, eventually joining.

Coin Dance shows that USD trading volume on the popular over-the-counter bitcoin trading platform LocalBitcoins has reached its all-time high. Gox at the top of the volume leaderboard.

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Small but significant However, even with a small handful of exchanges dominating total trading share, traditionally there was a not-insignificant amount of trading taking place at the other smaller exchanges. Over.5M worth of BTC was traded on the platform as bitcoin price looks set to test the 4000 resistance level next. Gox, how long mining for 1 bitcoin bTC-e 25-Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Nov Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Dec Period Average Sources: CoinDesk, BitcoinAverage. Images courtesy of Coin. For example, from September though early-October 2013, exchanges such as CampBX and other smaller exchanges combined to handle thousands of bitcoin trades per day, frequently representing more than 10 of the total volume of bitcoins traded on any given day (see Chart 1). (Note: the spike in the above chart on 6th March was driven by both a relatively low total BTC volume that day, along with a one-day spike in exchange volume at itBit.) And where 1,000-2,000 BTC collective volume days were the norm for smaller exchanges. The vast majority of bitcoin trading volume has traditionally been handled by a relatively small number of exchanges. Table 1: Top 3 Bitcoin Exchange US Volume Market Share, late 2013. Chart 2: US Total Volume Market Share of All Bitcoin Exchanges, excluding. CoinMarketiCap shows that throughout the last couple of days, the market has managed to gain upwards of 10 billion to its capitalization, an increase of around 9 percent. Its worth noting that Bitcoin is not the only cryptocurrency performing well through the weekend. Trading image via Shutterstock.