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logs, to /.eclair by default. Eclair (French for Lightning) is a Scala implementation of the Lightning Network. You can close a channel in Eclair whenever you want by selecting the channel in the Lightning Channels tab. To change your node's configuration, create a file named nf in /.eclair. I may have missed it because it is only displayed in a lighter font once you start typing in an amount of BTC, but now I see it clear as day. Remembering it will need to be at least.001 BTC after network costs, so perhaps.0011 BTC.

With each block taking about 10 minutes it means a 24-hour wait whereas a regular channel close will normally be completed within one hour. Full syntax guide here. It can take several hours for a Bitcoin transaction to be confirmed whereas a lightning network transaction is processed within seconds. At this point, I noticed the Eclair wallet was displaying a message that said sending funds is disabled because Electrum (the popular Bitcoin light client?) is disconnected. The products release marks the latest in a long list of items that have come by way of the Lightning Network over the past several weeks. Several other new tools have since entered the market by way of private developers, and an upcoming beta known as c-lightning is expected to be available relatively soon. Eclair requires Bitcoin Core.16.3 or higher. This means you should be funding the channels ahead of spending the Bitcoin you allocate to the channel. Im not sure how I missed the USD-denominated balance displayed under the BTC amount when opening a new channel. In March, for example, the protocols first Lightning mainnet release, known as Ind.4-beta, went live to widespread acclaim.

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