best forex traders to follow

berrau, bernhard Rauch is an experienced German trader with a self-developed trading strategy focused on safety. Before we dwell into the analysis, we need to have a quick look at those platforms to understand apparent differences. Investors should have a look at the following data when considering forex copy trade.

Such a combination of artificial intelligence and human ability to adapt to changing market conditions makes the trading system stable, which is confirmed by the general result. However, eToro is still one of the most bitcoin de ab mindestmenge popular CFDs and forex copy trade platforms, giving easy access to beginners in the financial markets. Despite the most severe asset class to trade on in terms of volatility, his drawdown level is more than acceptable. Thus, some monthly results might be harmful. Chocowin made 185.40 profit in 2018, according to eToro (look at the screenshot below). Well keep our readers updated on the platforms development, so stay tuned. Other important factors are stability in terms of average monthly gains and the average number of profitable weeks/months ( more than 50, while 75 is better). The platform shows Jurais 12-months return.67, but that result was made in 4 months only. You can see his trades here. The monthly performance shows that chocowins losses might exceed 20 of the account balance in one single month. CryptosWithB66 has 678 followers and 46 copiers on eToro, managing more than 300K of copy assets, which makes him one of the best crypto traders to follow on this social trading platform.