bitcoin will be destroyed

the author states for this one that, Bitcoin can be forked multiples sic times if the community disagrees on the path forward, for technical reasons (or because money). At some point, principles such as freedom of speech will stop governments from regulating this thoroughly enough. That doesnt mean that their innovation was the end-all, be-all for computers.

Bitcoin will be destroyed
bitcoin will be destroyed

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It won't be possible to force BTC1 to stop as it is a P2P network but it is unlikely there will be much demand for unofficial post omega "orphaned" BTC1 transactions. Transaction time is significantly lower as well. They can get away with it because its highly unlikely that you and ALL of those investors will try to withdraw your money at the same time. 4) Either include the reduced block chain or a cryptographic hash in the genesis block. However, this recent piece written by CoinDesk (owned by DCG now felt compelled to mention that) titled, Can Bitcoin Be Destroyed? Its a harsh reality, but one that must be understood and accepted by the crypto community if it is to move forward in the wisest way possible.

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