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the direct exchange rates. The Canadian Dollar is highly correlated to the strength of the US economy. Go to site Compare Show details Minimum transfer amount wich online shops accept bitcoin GBP 1,000.00 Transfer methods Online, Bank Account to Bank Account Transfer options Regular payments, One off payments, Market orders, Forward contracts Customer service Phone, Chat Available currencies AED, AUD, CAD, CHF, CZK, DKK, EUR, GBP, HKD. Currency pairs that do not contain the US Dollar are known as cross-currency pairs or simply crosses. Courtesy: m, these are the most traded and most liquid pairs available. The Non-Farm Payroll figure that the US release once a month can cause extreme volatility in the market during its release. The difference between the two.0003 or what we call three pips. EUR/NZD, euro Zone/New Zealand, eUR/JPY, euro Zone/Japan, gBP/JPY.

The Major Currencies, each currency is categorized as either a Major, Minor or an Exotic, depending on their trading volume, or liquidity. Breaking down Major Pairs. In addition, the currencies that are being referenced by these pairs are one of the important things you should comprehend as a Forex trader. In forex, youll be talking about currency pairs a lot.

Cant decide whether to buy EUR/USD or sell USD/JPY? Australia supports Chinas manufacturing by supplying them with the raw materials. Nzdusd Kiwi Dollar, major Forex Currency Pairs Make Up 72 of Forex Trading Volume. Even still, consider trading only if youve practiced with paper or simulated trading first. Whether you are planning to take your first step on your first trade or being an experienced trader understand these major Forex currency pairs will serve you well in your journey as a trader.