bitcoin cancel transaction multibit

suspect this is the cause, do the following: Close MultiBit Classic. What does a status of a square or triangle mean? It can sometimes take a couple of minutes to send a transaction and for it to propagate through the Bitcoin network. Restart MultiBit Classic and it will re-transmit any transactions that were unsuccessfully sent previously. Fix your network connection and try it out using a browser.

The transaction is a double spend. What can I do to cancel a transaction? Try to export keys and install bitcoin core? If I was to export the private keys to another wallet service, say fo, what would happen to the BTC in the stuck transactions? Doubles spends aren't relayed through the network. These are: You lost your network connection and the transaction did not get sent successfully to the peer (did not broadcast).

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A typical fee for a transaction.0001 (0.1 mBTC). I sent.2 bitcoins using the old version of multibit application (0.5.18). The transactions still bitcoin top and low show up as having.0001 BTC fee. Therefore, the transaction can be confirmed forever. What can you do about it?

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