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/40.29kn, shallow 7th 0, basic Cutter 50 40/28 12 36pd/72pd /40.59kn, shallow 7th 0 Cutter 50 40/28 12 36pd/72pd /40.00kn Shallow 7th 0 Privateer 55 60/42 12 36pd/108pd /40.05kn Shallow 7th 0 Pickle. Click here to see them. Armor thickness and wood type is implemented and at extreme angles cannonballs will ricochet from the hulls. Naval Action is a hardcore, realistic, and beautifully detailed naval combat game immersing players into the experience of the most beautiful period of naval history - when sailing ships ruled the seas. Hidden ship characteristics will allow to gradually uncover potential of the vessel every ship in game will be unique. Community driven development - Players actively participate in development and many elements of the game have already been implemented based on the player feedback.

Jump to: navigation, search. If the ships in game name differs from its real life name then her name is in the brackets after the in game name Ship Speed. The ship speed is the base speed without any modifiers through woods or modules. Naval Action, legends Wiki! Hello everyone, Naval Action, legends is slowly getting closer to testing, this is the reason why, as of now we have a link to the.

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Presentacin de, by _Alucard_, March 16, 2016, partial materials wipe - advanced warning. Remember that every action could have consequences. Ships are the stars of, naval Action. So don't attack everyone - or you will become a pirate. Faccion pirata clan latin/hispano, by, bucanero, December 7, 2018, cartografa de Cuba. Vienen tiempos excitantes - Info. GrayFox, 19 hours ago, el Real Felipe,. Sento de Benimaclet, May 4, 2018, preguntas Frecuentes,. By Celtiberofrog, January 9 Gente rund um den globus minen errechnen computer bitcoins para jugar By Hax, January 10 Radio Macuto Preparase para el "great wipe" By Celtiberofrog, October 16, 2018. Mortars are coming soon.