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world and the human race from itself, would be to destroy it (or at least contain it). I'd have to get comfortable being shirtless until I could afford a new one. I was lost, but now I am found. This may be macro in scope, or through the lense of macro events that could effect micro situations or specific companies. Is Bitcoin the digital currency we are all going to get behind.

Bitcoin schmidtcoin
bitcoin schmidtcoin

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Especially as regulation and the government get in the way. The youth is the future, and if the youth believes in cryptocurrency, then so should we all (at least as an investment). I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from Seeking Alpha). Half Way Down The Digital Rabbit Hole You've now made it to end of the first part of my two part series, where I explored the genesis of Bitcoin, taxation and regulation, whether Bitcoin will have the same lasting power as gold, and my fervent. The main comparisons people generally make comparing Bitcoin to Gold ( GDX ) ( GLD ) are as follows: Limited supply or scarcity Only way to add to limited supply would be to "mine" for it (taking physical labor and resources to.