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account with your money in their pockets. The different between the rich and the poor is power of vital information,kindly get in touch with me via whatsapp 1(323)612-1488. Get to know your customers. Don't bother, low gains, bad UI and terrible ammount of bugs. No need to sit at the computer for hours or sleepless nights. Read full review, up till 2 weeks ago I personally considered Kraken one of the best services around, I do hear people claiming about their customer service but I have to say they have always replied within 48 hours, what has dropped my score and. Draw your own conclusions here. Trading has risk but when a website is down the order book should be frozen. Bitcoins are issued and managed without any central authority whatsoever: there is no government, company, or bank in charge of Bitcoin. The negative reviews of Kraken mainly point out that the lack of customer services makes the experience extremely frustrating for users.

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kraken bitcoin trustpilot

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Bad support, Server always overloaded, slow, buggy, been a shambles for years, i believe they must ddos themselves to weaponize downtime and trade against their clients, Do not use or hold big amounts on kraken, this exchange is too unrealiable. This is just theft, regulated markets do not allow this sort of practice and have safeguards in place. They have live support and can answer all your questions there and i was always able to get a hold of someone there. Author: Jeffrey (United States)submitted: Friday, April 27, 2018I used Kraken for trading Bitcoin and built 7,000 into over 40,000 over a few months. Deposits cuanto cuesta un bitcoin over sepa have been credited always the next business day until today. Read full review, support takes too long to reply to tickets, been waiting for 2 weeks already. Deposits and withdrawals happen rapidly and without incident. They answer fast, so people should not be slamming companies if they arent true. I don't like the design of the site very much but have no complaints about the functionality at all. A good exchange but now its way to time consuming and delays are occuring permanently. Do not feel this exchange cares about the security of investors, it just operates to take money and claim no responsibility for it's own shortcomings and failures. Platform is confusing to use and very slow.

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