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seen as an indicator to trend in the international market. The unbalanced trade between countries increases foreign exchange rates. Key Features: - 100 trusted - Instant transactions - Lowest sell rate high purchase rates. As a result foreign exchange rates also. Fixing of Exchange Rate. Foreign Exchange Rates in Pakistan, getting one currency in exchange for another or the change of one currency into another currency is called foreign exchange. Increasing terms of trade between countries result in escalating revenues made from exports. Foreign Exchange Markets are involved in selling and buying of multiple currencies at fixed on prices. With the recent escalation in globalization, the rate of foreign exchange in global markets is getting more and more every day.

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These open markets are more commonly known as Foreign Exchange Markets or Forex /. Forex rates page in the finance section of n is designed to provide individuals or investors who especially doing online trading in forex exchange rates in Pakistan. It means if a country is making less money on its exports and spending more on its imports then it devalues the currency hence affecting foreign exchange rates. As for the participation in the foreign exchange market, more prominent are the substantial international banks like JP Morgan, Barclays, hsbc, UBS, Citi, Deutsche Bank etc, collectively called interbank market. Since foreign exchange involves global trading of currencies, investors from around the world also buy currency of economically stable countries either to buy/ sell goods or services or to save it in banks to receive duly interest. Throughout the week, trading is kept ongoing by financial markets around the world. Rates, usually the global banks have to put up with the clients withdrawal and payments and to liquefy their assets, they in return put added interest on trading of currency. This process is known as foreign exchange fixing. So whenever you buy currency from a bank, it would cost you more than buying it from an open market.

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